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Environmentally friendly stationery

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"We are proudly Germany's top brand with the largest plantable product line"

Sustainable Stationery Revolution

Grow Your Garden with Every Note

  • Our unique stationery items are designed to be planted, blossoming into flowers, vegetables and trees.
  • Our papers are infused with 100% organic seeds, all sourced from reputable organic farms.
  • Give your office and rooms a blend of nature.

Empowering Communities

  • All our products are ethically made with organic and sustainable materials; by less-privileged women and organic farmers in South India.
  • Not only are our products eco-friendly, but they also make a positive impact on society, empowering communities and supporting livelihoods.
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How Plantable Papers Works

How Plantable Papers Works

Our unique stationery items are designed to be planted. They are infused with 100% organic seeds, all sourced from reputable organic farms.

Plantable papers are made by infusing organic seeds into paper during production. So when you're done with your pencil, pen, notepad or card, simply tear it up into small pieces. Then, plant these pieces in soil, cover lightly, and water regularly. With time, the paper will decompose, and the seeds will sprout, growing into plants like flowers, vegetables or trees. It's an easy way to recycle and help nature flourish. Feel fresh and good in your office.

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Empowering Communities

Sustainable Business Practices with Scribbling Seeds

Our climate-positive products embody the essence of sustainable business practices.

By incorporating these eco-friendly office supplies into your daily operations, you're not just adhering to environmental standards; you're embracing a lifestyle that prioritizes the health of our planet. Our innovative products are designed to meet the growing demand for green business solutions, encouraging a shift towards more responsible and sustainable corporate behaviour.

Our Happy Clients & Collaborations

Manon Smidt

“We and our client received the products and are feeling happy about it. But mostly, the kind service, emailing & efforts to make it on time is what I appreciate.”

Manon Smidt

Key Account Manager, Cottonic

Andreas Rohde

“Hey Scribbling team! I'm very impressed with this eco-friendly startup – “Scribbling seeds” ! Their innovative products not only fulfill practical needs but also contribute to a sustainable future. The idea of calendars and pencils with seeds in them is like getting two gifts in one! They're helping the environment while also giving us products to use. Every item is a step towards a greener tomorrow. I'm proud to support such a thoughtful and impactful business. Thanks and all the best”

Andreas Rohde

Managing Director, Top Hotels Project

Paramjit Kohli

“We have been using Scribbling Seeds office products. We are happy using these products. These New era office products are wonderful and very Innovative . We have lowered our office wastage by 50% , Their products are made of Recycled paper/ Recycled waste fabric , The added advantage is that the products are plantable .. A true ecological sustainable product”

Paramjit Kohli

Managing Director, New Idea Crafts GmbH

James Taylor

“The scribbling seeds products are a great eco and sustainable product. It ticks all the boxes as completely sustainable and fantastic for the environment”

James Taylor

Founder, Managing Director TaylorMadeDesigns

Borut Taškovski

“Our goal is to offer more and more eco-friendly products to our costumes and in this way contribute to a greener future on our planet. With Scrobbling Seeds we have found reliable partner who is offering innovative green products with best prices in the market.”

Borut Taškovski

CEO , Managing Director Biro TT d.o.o


In the very first year of its inception, Scribbling Seeds Team proudly collaborated with HSB (Hochschule Bremen), for its Masters Program - Sustainable Business & Entrepreneurship. It was a fruitful exchange of ideas and strategies with the program students who undertook a research study on our new startup. The students also tried our products and have amazing reviews, for our stationery items, contributing positively to a greener cleaner and sustainable future.

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